What should you look for in a domestic cleaning company in Bristol?

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The expert domestic cleaning services teams here at Light & Airey Cleaning Services have been taking on new clients across various BS postcodes in recent weeks, and with these new house cleaning contracts in Bristol comes a new focus on domestic cleaning.

Our domestic cleaning and house cleaning services in Bristol are based on a solid reputation, word-of-mouth referrals from happy existing clients, as well as new house cleaning clients reading our useful and informative blog.

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So, if you’re looking to hire a top quality, professional and reputable domestic cleaning company in Bristol, here’s a few top tips from our expert cleaners on things to bear in mind and take into account before signing up a new firm:

Are they insured? We are fully insured, and with full employer and public liability insurance in place. We are covered for theft, damage and loss.

Are they consistent? We find that domestic cleaning clients move because they have a cleaning agency with a different cleaner each week – we offer the same cleaner every week.

Are they professional? We’re a fully-professional cleaning company in Bristol, with an office presence and VAT registered.

Are they transparent? We offer full customer service levels between our office, cleaners and clients. We don’t hide behind a phone and are available.

Are they trained? Our new domestic cleaning staff shadow experienced cleaning staff with a supervisor for a minimum of two weeks – and then they are consistently overseen by a senior manager afterwards, too.

Are they approachable? We walk around each domestic cleaning house, look at any special cleaning products that are needed, and individual requests such as high-spec tiled flooring, and then draw up a bespoke cleaning programme for all of our domestic cleaning clients across the South West.

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