Are you looking for a one-off house clean this Summer in Bristol?

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This week at Light & Airey Cleaning Services, our teams of professional house cleaners in Bristol are giving a few handy hints on why a one-off house clean this Summer in Bristol might be a great idea for time-pressed parents and elderly homeowners.

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During the Summer holiday months of July and August, the kids are off school and at home every day, and we’re finding that more and more parents are asking for our domestic cleaning services.

Many people realise that they need a regular cleaner, and are too busy with children, work, and other commitments to keep on top of house cleaning.

We’ve noticed in recent weeks that many new domestic cleaning customers in Bristol have been asking for a one-off deep clean service in their homes – but what’s the difference between a regular weekly cleaning service and a deep clean of a domestic home? There are some basic differences, including:

A deep clean will usually involve moving all furniture in the house and cleaning behind it. This will also include cleaning in ovens, microwaves, inside windows, full dusting and cleaning of all surfaces and a thorough clean.

A regular, but less intensive weekly domestic cleaning service will usually concentrate on cleaning well-used parts of the home, cleaning outside cupboards, and focusing in depth on one area per month.

We provide a bespoke house cleaning service for each client, and draw up a specific cleaning checklist for them. We appreciate that every job is different.

A one-off deep clean service for your home can also help you to get your domestic cleaning back on track, with our expert inputs and guidance.

We’d love to help you get your house cleaning under control this Summer, so get in touch to see how our teams of professional house cleaners in Bristol can help you with a one-off deep clean or weekly cleaning this Summer.

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