Top tips from professional firm for Summer cleaning of offices in Bristol

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Our teams of office cleaning experts at Light & Airey Cleaning Services are taking charge of our Bristol cleaning blog this week, with some handy hints and top tips for Summer cleaning of offices in Bristol.

Summer office cleaning in Bristol

Some of the simple but effective office cleaning methods we employ during the Summer months in Bristol include the following additional cleaning tips:

Pulling up office blinds, opening up cupboards, dusting on top of all cupboards – it’s particularly important in the warmer weather to pay attention to cleaning office windows, as more employees are paying lots of attention to the sun!

We insist on all keyboards and telephones being cleaned weekly in offices as standard – this also includes the back of computer terminals, where dust can easily build up. We also clean each entire desk area not the visible parts only.

We do a walk around site check with our office clients in Bristol, where we speak to employees and ensure that they’re happy with the office cleaning services we provide in Bristol. Office staff always give us full feedback.

Our cleaning contracts managers really value individual feedback, and always act upon the information given to us – does your office cleaning company in Bristol do this as standard?

We also leave feedback books in every office, so that all staff have the opportunity to have their say on things they’d like to see implemented.

We produce an individual ‘living document; for each office cleaning client, which is evolving and changing as new tasks and different cleaning requirements are added over time to each office cleaning contract in Bristol.

We also utilise Green and Eco-friendly cleaning products for our office cleaning projects in Bristol – these cleaning products are particularly effective for office staff who suffer from certain allergies.

Has your company thought of going Green with its cleaning? It costs less than you might think, and could have a huge positive impact on office productivity.

Simply ask your contracts manager for further details on their next site visit, or ring our Bristol cleaning company HQ to get more information this week.

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