Top tips on hiring office cleaners in Bristol this Autumn

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Here at Light & Airey Cleaning Services we’ve been busy taking on new commercial cleaning contracts over the Summer, and are ready to provide our expert office cleaning services as Autumn approaches.

office cleaners in Bristol this autumn from Light & Airey Cleaning Services Limited

But if you’re an office manager or business owner in Bristol and are looking for a reliable, professional and well-regarded office cleaning company covering all BS postcodes, what are some of the top tips on hiring the best?

The onset of Autumn means colder weather, of course, but what else do our office cleaners in Bristol pay particular attention to during Autumn months?

One thing to be aware of is the increase in germs, causing cold and flu to hit employee productivity. A shoddy, messy and germ-filled office can cost more than a few days’ staff illness – it can hit your business for £ thousands, too.

Our office cleaning experts in Bristol recommend that air conditioning systems are reviewed and examined thoroughly before Autumn is underway, to ensure that a clean and fresh supply of air is being delivered throughout your office.

Being mindful of colds, flu, germs and increased Winter allergies can save your business money in the longer-term, as our professional cleaners know.

We also recommend using anti-bacterial cleaning products and ensuring that certain areas are given particularly attention in terms of cleaning, such as:



Door handles

Cupboard handles

We also provide eco-friendly cleaning products in Bristol, too, which deliver an extra Green appeal for certain office clients we deliver cleaning too weekly.

When it comes to sourcing a cleaning company in Bristol for Autumn, it’s really important to go for a professional outfit with a great reputation.

We also offer a full and free initial cleaning consultation for every office client in Bristol, giving a bespoke cleaning programme for every commercial job.

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